Solar water pumping for sewage treatment plant and ecological park in Oujda, Morocco

The green lung of the city of Oujda is the large ecological park located north of the city and which covers an area of 25 hectares and arbites 25000 species of trees adaptable to the climate of the region. The park uses treated irrgation water for the proximity of the project of the sewage treatment plant (5 km).

Following a usage and cost analysis, it was decided to replace electric powered pumps with solar powered pumps.

Decentralized electrical energy production in rural areas in the North-East of Morocco

In Morocco, the rural population still remains important today. A significant proportion of households live in isolated villages, making rural electrification by connection to the national grid technically more complex and financially more expensive. This is the case for the isolated villages in the north-east of Morocco. It is therefore necessary to consider more competitive solutions that would lead to the sustainability of rural electrification.

Photovoltaic solar technology presents a very promising alternative for decentralized rural electrification.