Using solar water pumps for irrigation represents a virtuous circle:

The corps needs more water when the sun shines a lot. Therefore, a large quantity of energy is available when it is actually needed.

Wherever the water is needed

In many rural areas, especially in developing and emerging countries, grid electricity is not, or is only sporadically, available. In this case, farmers use often diesel generators powered pumps to extract deep ground water, using gensets is always associated with a major service and diesel costs.

GEPCO SOLAR PUMPS can be used with every irrigation system and extract water from every depth and transported wherever is needed.

More flexibility

GEPCO SOLAR PUMPS can support drip, sprinkler, pivot or flood irrigation methods. Depending on the local conditions.

Our large pumps portfolio includes different pumps with different flows and pressures, it can be installed with existing irrigation systems to enhance the production with lower operation costs.